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Maria Montessori
Honoring Dr. Maria Montessori's vision of the child's potential, The Child's View Montessori staff works to provide a safe, nurturing environment, ensuring the best potential for a successful montessori experience.  

Montessori is both an education philosophy and a vision of childhood.  Montessorians recognize the power of each child and respect individual patterns of growth.  At the Child's View, the physical surrounding, learning methods, and ways in which students interact with one another create and environment where children can discover their unique relationship to the world.

At Child's View, we believe independent choices and authentic interest are key elements in learning.  With each learning activity based on the needs and interests of the child, they develop independence and the ability to make good choices early on.  It is through their own work in our specially prepared environment that the child develops self-discipline and self-teaching abilities.

Montessorians believe that children learn by doing and are lovers of purposeful work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.  Montessori education also attends to the total development of the child - social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual.  As Montessori educators, we believe that these spheres of the child's personality and intellect must be integrated and balanced through the child's activities.

Montessori hands-on materials incorporate many of the most current learning theories.  The materials begin at a sensorial level and become increasingly abstract as the student's understanding grows.  Montessori materials are sequential, with each new skill building upon the next.

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What Sets Montessori Apart?

 Montessori                     Traditional
 Professional education with and emphasis on cognitive development.         "Pre-learning" experience with emphasis on social development.
Mainly individual instruction. Mainly small group instruction.
 Mixed age group. Same age group.
 Child works at own pace. Group sets the pace of instruction.
 Environment and method encourage self discipline.         Teacher acts as enforcer of discipline.